Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Barry Bonds has finally jacked the elusive #756 out of AT&T Park last night (into the deepest part of the park I might add) and as I watch the replay over and over I see the relief almost physically lift from the guy’s shoulders. I think that Barry is probably happier that it’s all over than the actual feat itself.
I was at AT&T (it was PacBell park then) for #600 and it was pandemonium then, so I can only imagine how it was last night. I’m not only excited that I have seen this record topped twice in my life time but that this time it was by a guy from my home team done by one of us. Now if we can just get a World Series win I can relax myself.
I don’t care what your opinion of Bonds is concerning juicing or not. The fact remains that there is NO steroid on the planet that can increase natural coordination and the eye-to-hand mechanics that it takes just to hit a baseball and Bonds has always had that. Hell, the guy is 43, bad knees and all and he still hits it pretty damn far.
It’s great to have this record here in San Francisco and done by a San Francisco Giant and by the son of an ex-Giant but if the world were a more perfect place and indeed just in every way as the anti-Barry Bonds people who are suddenly stricken by some high-mindedness and feel that they have been slighted by Bonds achievement then that would mean that George Herman ‘Babe’ Ruth, Hammerin’ Hank Aaron and Barry bonds would all still be chasing Josh Gibson’s record anyway, right?

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