Friday, May 30, 2008

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll be re-vamping the old web site…actually my web master, the incredible and talented Lisa Long will be doing that as I am pretty much a Luddite with these matters and anything else to do with computers.

I’m looking to have a “store” or “la tienda” page on the site where I will be pimping…er…uh…selling my wares such as comic books, chap books, t-shirts and even a few original art pieces from time-to-time. Who knows what strange and goofy sh*t I’ll have on there…stay tuned.

Other news—I have a piece in the KWMR silent auction/art show at Toby’s Feed Barn in Pt. Reyes Station. There are over 80 artists in this show and tomorrow, Saturday May 31st is the final bidding. Get out there and throw down. You don’t have to bid on my piece by any means but bid on something you like out there…heck, you can bid on as many pieces as you want (hint, hint). The money goes to KWMR which I am also involved in and we really need the $$ to stay on the air and pay our bills (rent, utilities, small staff, equipment and equipment repairs, etc.). If you wish to be more direct with helping out KWMR go to the website at: and follow the prompters there. Help support community sponsored radio. Thanks

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Is it me or are there an unusually large number of African email scams floating around this year? It seems as if there are way more than usual.

I have received three (3) in as many months informing me that I am to receive somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty million ($30,000,000) from a “distant relative” who perished in a tragic plane crash on March 31st, 2000. I always laugh out loud when the actual locations of these crashes are NEVER in the same place. They have been in either Paris, France or in two different parts of the African continent….but the date is always the same (March 31st, 2000) and if I send certain personal information to the said concerned African bank manager I will receive my “departed relatives” money…..right!

If the nimrods who send these scams would only realize two basic things they might actually have a sucker-on-the-line. 1: You can’t send the exact email scam three (3) times citing different locations of the plane crash in different parts of the globe with the same, exact date and 2: (the more important issue) is that if ANYONE in my family, distant or otherwise had THAT kind of money we would have been all over that pendejo for loans and whatnot from day one!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Okay, Kids here’s the low-down on the Slices comic book.

It’s $5 ppd. by mail. (Sorry, but I don’t make the postage prices up. Blame the USPS. I know that sounds like a lot but this book is HUGE at 40 pages and the mail, like every thing else has gone way up. It costs over a buck to mail just one book).
Sorry, I also don’t except personal checks but do except well hidden cash and money orders.
If you buy the book from me in person (sans mail) it’s a mere $4.

It’s already in Blue Moon Comics in Novato, though I’m not too sure how much they charge. I’ll be distributing it further in San Francisco/Berkeley/Oakland as well as the Sacramento and San Jose areas. I’ll also have it in a handful of stores in-and-around the Los Angeles area as well within a week or two.

I was a bit surprised to find out that the Santa Rosa area stores don’t and won’t carry Slices at all. Slice O’ Life did get its start in the wonderful North Bay Bohemian (where it still appears bi-weekly) which is headquartered in downtown Santa Rosa.
I was told by the store managers that, “People who read comic books don’t read comic strips.” I am not making this quote up. They absolutely and totally said that to me. After I was done laughing I told these incredibly “hip guys” that I found that comment short sighted and profoundly ignorant considering that these “strips” are now reprinted in a “comic book” and comic books started as strips and that I must then be the last person on earth who reads both comic books as well as comic strips. Hey, I figure if you don’t like my work, just say so. I'd respect that.

If anyone reading this lives in Sonoma County either drive to Napa or Marin County or save the planet and gas and just shoot me an email or send $5 to:

Jaime Crespo
P.O. Box 112
San Anselmo, CA 94979

And I’ll send you a signed copy ASAP.
Other than that, Slices will be available on my website and just about everywhere else in California…EXCEPT Sonoma County.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Boy-oh-boy. I finally got into the surf today and even though it was in the 1’-3’ range it was glassy, good shape, un-crowded and even sunny for a change. I had the place to myself for close to an hour (just like the old days…pre-internet) and then Big Ben and a friend of his eventually showed up and the session was on. Fun was had by all.
Missed Mary and Marty and John P.

Well, I picked up the books last week and they look better than I thought they would. I’m figuring out a price (40+ pages means it’ll be a bit more than usual, but not a whole lot) and a way to get them on the web site and also distribute them and get ‘em into a whole mess o’ stores. I’ll try to not drag on this one.

Been riding the “Tanker” to work again and that is where I am going…right now.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I just rode my bike to and from the studio today. No, not the tanker…the “other” bike with “all the gears.” The one that hardly weighs anything. I won’t lie…it wasn’t easy coming home with a head wind being as out-of-shape as I’ve become. I felt like one of those bears on a tricycle you’d see in a Russian circus, only change the bear into an elephant…an elephant that is really out-of-shape…and who can’t spell worth a damn.
One of these days I’ll learn how to import photos from my digital camera onto this here blogger thing and then I’ll be able to give those who don’t already have to endure me in person visuals of the crap that I go on-and-on about.

Anyhow-it was actually nice to be able to roll around again. Now if we can just get some freaking surf I’d be set.

Thanks for the interest in the upcoming Slices-Slice O’ Life “original format” collection. I’m hoping to pick them up this week. They’re all ready to go but the printer doesn’t take credit cards so I’m getting the cash together. Ugh.