Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Boy-oh-boy. I finally got into the surf today and even though it was in the 1’-3’ range it was glassy, good shape, un-crowded and even sunny for a change. I had the place to myself for close to an hour (just like the old days…pre-internet) and then Big Ben and a friend of his eventually showed up and the session was on. Fun was had by all.
Missed Mary and Marty and John P.

Well, I picked up the books last week and they look better than I thought they would. I’m figuring out a price (40+ pages means it’ll be a bit more than usual, but not a whole lot) and a way to get them on the web site and also distribute them and get ‘em into a whole mess o’ stores. I’ll try to not drag on this one.

Been riding the “Tanker” to work again and that is where I am going…right now.

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Mary said...

yeah! good to hear all the conditions lined up so you could have some fun in the water! Looking forward to your book!