Thursday, May 22, 2008

Okay, Kids here’s the low-down on the Slices comic book.

It’s $5 ppd. by mail. (Sorry, but I don’t make the postage prices up. Blame the USPS. I know that sounds like a lot but this book is HUGE at 40 pages and the mail, like every thing else has gone way up. It costs over a buck to mail just one book).
Sorry, I also don’t except personal checks but do except well hidden cash and money orders.
If you buy the book from me in person (sans mail) it’s a mere $4.

It’s already in Blue Moon Comics in Novato, though I’m not too sure how much they charge. I’ll be distributing it further in San Francisco/Berkeley/Oakland as well as the Sacramento and San Jose areas. I’ll also have it in a handful of stores in-and-around the Los Angeles area as well within a week or two.

I was a bit surprised to find out that the Santa Rosa area stores don’t and won’t carry Slices at all. Slice O’ Life did get its start in the wonderful North Bay Bohemian (where it still appears bi-weekly) which is headquartered in downtown Santa Rosa.
I was told by the store managers that, “People who read comic books don’t read comic strips.” I am not making this quote up. They absolutely and totally said that to me. After I was done laughing I told these incredibly “hip guys” that I found that comment short sighted and profoundly ignorant considering that these “strips” are now reprinted in a “comic book” and comic books started as strips and that I must then be the last person on earth who reads both comic books as well as comic strips. Hey, I figure if you don’t like my work, just say so. I'd respect that.

If anyone reading this lives in Sonoma County either drive to Napa or Marin County or save the planet and gas and just shoot me an email or send $5 to:

Jaime Crespo
P.O. Box 112
San Anselmo, CA 94979

And I’ll send you a signed copy ASAP.
Other than that, Slices will be available on my website and just about everywhere else in California…EXCEPT Sonoma County.

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