Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I just rode my bike to and from the studio today. No, not the tanker…the “other” bike with “all the gears.” The one that hardly weighs anything. I won’t lie…it wasn’t easy coming home with a head wind being as out-of-shape as I’ve become. I felt like one of those bears on a tricycle you’d see in a Russian circus, only change the bear into an elephant…an elephant that is really out-of-shape…and who can’t spell worth a damn.
One of these days I’ll learn how to import photos from my digital camera onto this here blogger thing and then I’ll be able to give those who don’t already have to endure me in person visuals of the crap that I go on-and-on about.

Anyhow-it was actually nice to be able to roll around again. Now if we can just get some freaking surf I’d be set.

Thanks for the interest in the upcoming Slices-Slice O’ Life “original format” collection. I’m hoping to pick them up this week. They’re all ready to go but the printer doesn’t take credit cards so I’m getting the cash together. Ugh.

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