Friday, May 30, 2008

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll be re-vamping the old web site…actually my web master, the incredible and talented Lisa Long will be doing that as I am pretty much a Luddite with these matters and anything else to do with computers.

I’m looking to have a “store” or “la tienda” page on the site where I will be pimping…er…uh…selling my wares such as comic books, chap books, t-shirts and even a few original art pieces from time-to-time. Who knows what strange and goofy sh*t I’ll have on there…stay tuned.

Other news—I have a piece in the KWMR silent auction/art show at Toby’s Feed Barn in Pt. Reyes Station. There are over 80 artists in this show and tomorrow, Saturday May 31st is the final bidding. Get out there and throw down. You don’t have to bid on my piece by any means but bid on something you like out there…heck, you can bid on as many pieces as you want (hint, hint). The money goes to KWMR which I am also involved in and we really need the $$ to stay on the air and pay our bills (rent, utilities, small staff, equipment and equipment repairs, etc.). If you wish to be more direct with helping out KWMR go to the website at: and follow the prompters there. Help support community sponsored radio. Thanks

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