Tuesday, April 06, 2010

April 1 would of been D. Boon's 52nd birthday and I was thinking about him that day. I was fortunate enough to see the Minutemen play in San Francisco (I can't remember what club it was) and the very next year being in the opening band (not sure which band it was but it really doesn't matter) on a 4 band bill with them headlining at the Mabuhay Gardens.

By about 1983-84 punk rock began to become a sort of 'rule-oriented-lock-step' movement (pretty much what it is today). By this time most bands were 'hardcore' sounding like an endless army of Black Flag tribute bands. On the other hand, the Minutemen stood out splendidly. They definitely had a sound and style all there own and did what they felt was right. They seemed to approach music without any rules attached, sort of like an experimental jazz musician might have and they made it okay to actually be able to play your instrument well. Hey, I kid you not, I was no Van Halen but I got dogged constantly by other punks for playing a little too proficiently (again, see 'rule-oriented-lock-step' movement).

If you get a chance, see the wonderful documentary, We Jam Econo; Story of the Minutemen.

Great guys. Mike, George and Boon.