Friday, March 23, 2012

Just returned from an excellent trip to Maui, Hawaii. Besides surfing, hiking and exploring a lot of the island I also bought a new (Soprano) Ukulele. It's made in Maui and has a birds-eye maple sides and bottom, spruce top, Koa wood neck and rosewood fret board. Modeled after the classic C.F. Martin soprano Uke this baby has tone, feel...and came with a hard shell case, too. Love it!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

After a quiet birthday I managed to emerge with a new board. It's from Santa Cruz shaper/boat repair guy Bob Miller. It's the biggest board I've ever owned. It's a 10'0" log called the 'Rambler.' I bought it primarily as a small wave board after checking out my buddy, Dexter's 9' 6" Miller BUT these boards work in sizable surf as well! This is the ultimate 'Log' to-be-sure! It has a bit of a hull design that works FANTASTIC (Thanks, Drew!). It has an interesting tail design as the hips blend off into the corners of the tail where they slightly turn up (!) making the board lock into the wave and be a bit more controllable for when one is going for the 'sweet spot' or a little 'tip time.' It also makes this board turn A LOT quicker/snappier than one would expect for a board this size. I was lucky enough to hit the local break on a decent low-tide day, with a surprising swell pumping through from waist to chest high and put it through it's paces. It's surprisingly F-A-S-T and light, yet is heavy enough to push through the flat spots and turns really, REALLY well. You can move all over it and it holds like walking on the sidewalk. Yep. I'm REALLY happy with this one.