Saturday, May 24, 2008

Is it me or are there an unusually large number of African email scams floating around this year? It seems as if there are way more than usual.

I have received three (3) in as many months informing me that I am to receive somewhere in the neighborhood of thirty million ($30,000,000) from a “distant relative” who perished in a tragic plane crash on March 31st, 2000. I always laugh out loud when the actual locations of these crashes are NEVER in the same place. They have been in either Paris, France or in two different parts of the African continent….but the date is always the same (March 31st, 2000) and if I send certain personal information to the said concerned African bank manager I will receive my “departed relatives” money…..right!

If the nimrods who send these scams would only realize two basic things they might actually have a sucker-on-the-line. 1: You can’t send the exact email scam three (3) times citing different locations of the plane crash in different parts of the globe with the same, exact date and 2: (the more important issue) is that if ANYONE in my family, distant or otherwise had THAT kind of money we would have been all over that pendejo for loans and whatnot from day one!

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