Monday, November 26, 2007

So Much For No Blogging

I said I probably wouldn't blog anymore deciding that they are a total waste of time but a friend just recently explained to me that they can also be useful for conveying news of my current shenanigans, so....
I went to the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco recently to see an old friend, Keith Knight talk about the K Chronicles and just basically catch-up with him and such since his moving to L.A.
I hadn't realized how much time had passed since Keith and I were in the same room together. He remembered my son as being a little guy and me and the family just moving out of S.F.
Well, my son will be 17 years old pretty soon and Keith is married to a wonderful woman, Kirsten who is now pregnant with their first child. Oh, how time flies!
It was good to see Keith and catch-up and laugh about all of the fun we had as San Francisco cartoonists during the second "Golden Era" back in the late 1980's Early 1990's we enjoyed along with pal's Brian Wilcox, Nina Paley, Hugo Kobiashi, Flower Frankenstein, Bruce Hilvitz, Ed Brubaker and all of the gang at Puppy Toss not-to-mention the now gone Comic Relief just a couple of blocks from our apartment.
Keith also gave me some (much needed) advice on my current strip, Slice O' Life and I am currently changing the format size wise (4 panels instead of 6 panels) and, as Keith recommended featuring myself in the strip as well. The first part is pretty easy for me to do however that second part is going to take some getting used too.
I am also working on a "one shot" mini-comic to go in the latest Bagazine published by the bad-ass himself, Johnny Brewton of X-Ray magazine down in Pasadena.
I am also re-vamping (i.e. adding more pages) to the very, severely, poorly distributed one shot comic book I did years ago entitled; Throb. It's a 28 page, 9 panels per page wordless story sort of on the lines of that book and animation, Zoom. Naturally I will self-publish it as soon as it's ready-to-roll.
...and finally, I will be working on a catch-all comic book entitled Tortilla this coming 2008 as well as possibly (I said possibly) putting out a "best of..." Slice O' Life collection from the original format.
Okay, that's all for now. Check back often as I promise to keep up the chatter on my end.

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