Monday, April 14, 2008

My last visit to my chiropractor for this freakin’ back pull is today. I can’t wait. I’ve been a pretzel for 8 days now (a personal record) and though I am far from being hunched over and in excruciating pain and walking with a cane, which was the case for three days I am still a bit stiff and slightly tilted to one side. I missed an entire week of work to boot. I tried to work last Monday but spent about 10 minutes in my chair and the rest of the time on my back on the floor, so I bagged working last week until I could actually sit down for more than 10 minutes.
I miss the ocean, surfing, paddle boarding and riding my bike to work and just around in general.
Well, looks to be light at the end of this long, lame-ass tunnel.

Other news—I’m looking to send off the Slice O’ Life ‘original format series’ collection to the printer this week. I am also thinking of having a book signing for this collection as well. I’ve never done a signing before and I’m not too sure how it works or if anyone will show up. I’ll probably hold it in Santa Rosa some where since Slice O’ Life is in the North Bay Bohemian and that paper reaches three counties (Sonoma, Napa and Marin Counties) but is based in Santa Rosa, so….Stay tuned and I’ll keep you few who look at this blog posted on the date and location.
For those of you who are not near the North Bay location or in this part of California (or even in the great state of California for that matter) the collection will be in comic book and book stores as well as available from my web site.

My next project is to re-work and then release Throb. This was a 24 page, 9 panels-per-page wordless comic, somewhat like Istvan Banyai’s Zoom but different I created several years ago. I’m changing the ending of the book and adding a few extra pages, changing the entire cover (front and back, inside as well). This book wasn’t even distributed and I think I may have taken it to a comic/zine con somewhere but don’t really remember when and which one.

On top of all of this I am currently working on the first issue of Tortilla and a couple of poetry chap books and of course more Slice O’ Life strips.
All of these will be with me at this years APE con (Alternative Press Expo) in San Francisco. I was at the first three APE’s when Dan Vado ran them down in San Jose. I haven’t been back and am pretty excited and curious as to how it all shakes out these days.

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