Saturday, June 28, 2008

Great Oogalee-Boogalee. I'm really bad at keeping these posts going. I just have a hard time wanting to write about every damn thing that goes on.

Okay, I have one thing. I have been corresponding (by email) with one of the big cartooning influences on yours truly. One Mr. Robert Armstrong. I have been a huge fan of this guy since I first saw his work in Arcade (R. Crumb's precursory to Weirdo) in the 70's when I was an impressionable high school kid. Armstrong was the creator of Mickey Rat comics, The Couch Potatoes and is one of the founding members (along with Robert Crumb and Alan Dodge) the musical group; the Cheap Suit Serenader's, painter and modifier of hand-painted Ukuleles and guitars, he is also the musician you hear playing the saw at the end of the film; One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest to name but a few of his accomplishments.

He has a web site and naturally I can't remember the web address but you can Google the guy.
Check out his work you won't be disappointed.

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