Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Okay, kids. I have about another week before I begin to decimate…er…I mean, begin to act as the sole custodian of my web site. The web queen herself, Lisa Long is getting me the proper programs and a few pointers on which way to go and then it’s off to the races… I hope.

I’ll keep you all posted. In the mean time I am working simultaneously on the first issue of Tortilla and my box for the G.R.O. (Gallery Route One) box show in Pt. Reyes Station, California.

Also—I am setting up to print a few Slice O’ Life t-shirts which will be for sale through the afore mentioned web site as well as a couple of other designs. As I said before, check back for when all of this will happen this summer.

In the mean time, try to stay cool in this heat!

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