Sunday, August 03, 2008

I now have all of the programs and whatnot to maintain my website myself except… the actual ability. It’s a very slow learning process for me.

Also, I’m in a couple of group art shows at the moment. The first is going on right now in Point Reyes Station at Gallery Route One (google the gallery for more details). It’s the 10Th annual G.R.O. Box Show. I’m in there somewhere…probably way in the back next to the bathroom.

The other show will be at the MCCLA (Mission Cultural Center of Latino Arts) in San Francisco. It’s a Cartoon/comics deal and I have an original two-page comic in there, which is for sale by the way (hint-hint). This show starts on August the 15Th, I think. Once again, google the Mission Cultural Center for all of the details, as I am totally useless in this capacity.

I’ve been surfing again and even though I am absolutely and unequivocally out-of-shape and stiff I still feel as if it has been a homecoming of sorts. I’m feeling much better and becoming rejuvenated again.

Otherwise, I am penciling-in a comic book (Tortilla #1) and trying to produce more Slice O’ Life strips while rewriting the graphic novel in between it all.

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