Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Here's my 1959  Kay "Style Leader" guitar. It's pretty much all original parts except the tuning pegs. Oh, and the strap buttons that I just put on. I'm also not too sure if it originally had a sun burst finish or not. The only pictures that I've seen of this guitar has it with a sun burst finish. 
None-the-less, it's a pretty rare bird and plays surprising well though it has a bit of 'fret buzz' around the 12th fret.


Michael said...

Hello Jaime,

Happy holidays amigo! Here's a link to a site you may enjoy very much, allot of eye candy and as well as memories.


Later gator!


Francis said...

That is one weird lookin' geetar.Kinda like a space-age weapon from a Danish sci-fi movie of the 60's.

el space vato said...

Well, I went and sold the Kay. I got a decent price for it. Now I'll use that money to publish comic books. Yeesh, wotta' world!

GuitarSeb123 said...

Hey, I have the exact same guitar, finish and everything.
My is in great condition, no scratches or bumps, no fret buzz.
Although I think the finish is not original, I think it looks cooler than the sunburst. I really happy I found one of these rare and unique guitars.

GuitarSeb123 said...
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