Saturday, December 25, 2010

December is becoming the absolute worst month for me. Every year now for the past five years it's the same old crap. Too many deaths, ill heath and broken hearts. I now hate 'em. So, to keep in the crappy December spirit I won't post any pictures/photos.
I hope the coming year is great for anyone who reads this drivel.... as for me, I'm not holding my breath.


MichaelJA said...

Merry Christmas Space Vato!

Just got your latest blog, are you okay? Do you need an unbiased ear?


MichaelJA said...

I'm having a hard time with FB somethings are just not posting, I seem to be frozen all the time & I'm a Mac Dammit!

So this is our best bet or skype or phone...

You choose if you care to chat or something...

Even if you don't the invitation is open.


el space vato said...


Things are just what they are. It's all life and I have control over very little of it so I'm just focusing on my pathetic little portion and not letting the other stuff bug me.... much.
As for FB... my solution with that pointless time vampire is I quit using it. You will no longer find me on it. FB problems solved.
Thanks for listening anyway. Hope all is well.