Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Here we are with more pointless history from the expert in all things pointless. The Story: I had bought about ten cakes of Sex Wax in high school circa 1977 as that's what I did then and ironically still do to this day (note; in 1977 wax cost about 50 cents a cake!). Somehow, I had lost one of the cakes of wax and I had forgotten about it...who wouldn't? Well, back in 1998 my mom had passed away and I was cleaning out the house and in my closet I found the lost cake of wax twenty one years later! I still have it as you can see (it's the one on the left) and it has never been opened.
A couple of teeny differences about the wax then & now. Then, the wax was 75 grams whereas now, it's 85 grams. Also, they had a cardboard cut out of the logo which was shrunk wrapped into the package. Now, it's a sticker on the outside. The similarities of then & now Sex Wax... it's still being manufactured at the same address (though if you look closely the zip code changed by one digit) and it still works great. Okay, history lesson over. Whew!

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wutznot2lyke said...

I find this to be somehow very reassuring!