Saturday, February 19, 2011

Caught Outside

On the hike the other morning I thought that I was being slick by sneaking out between rain storms. Feeling cocky I decided to abandon my rain coat and just go in my zip-up hoodie and 'Reef' ball cap. About halfway through the hike, instead of making the hike shorter due to impending weather I decided to take the 232 steps (Squirrel Hill) and just do the trek all the way to Deer Park. Do the hike in it's entirety. Why, you may ask? I'll tell you why; Because I just knew, KNEW that I'd make it back home before the rain would start up again.... Yeah, right.
A little more than two-thirds into the hike, already coming down from the hillsides and into the flat lands through the back neighborhoods of Fairfax thinking about getting a cinnamon roll and coffee because I thought that I would be high-and-dry is right about when the sprinkling began. I must of gone about fifty feet when I spotted a woman walking two dogs and wearing pretty much the same 'non-rain' attire as I was, was walking towards me. Our eyes met and I said to her as we passed, "Figures," as the rain began to pick up heft. She started laughing and responded with, "Exactly what I was just thinking!"
She continued to walk her way and I continued with a bit more haste to walk in my direction. By the time I went a block and made it to the little foot path/alley that cuts between the two houses and connects Dominga Ave. and Bolinas Ave. it begins to hale--BIG!
I then leg it as far as Sorella Cafe as by now it's just chunkin' down (that shit HURTS). While standing under a teeny overhang at Sorella, I spotted a little bundle of red flowers out in the middle of the street (see photo) and that pretty much summed up the morning hike.
When the hale turned to rain a minute or so later I took off for home figuring that I'd just pass on the cinnamon roll & coffee and eat at home and make my own coffee.
Just goes to show; NEVER think that you're slicker than Mother Nature.

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