Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Bubble Man

I know, I know, I seem to write a lot about my every-other-day hikes lately but I feel this guy is worth writing about. I call him "Bubble Man" and I used to see him A LOT at Peri Park in Fairfax, CA (mostly on the weekends) making these ridiculously huge bubbles with an assortment of sticks and some-sort-of-twine/cord on the ends. Some stick set-ups looked like nets others looked pretty simple like in the pictures above. The bubbles he makes can grow so large that they can engulf an entire SUV, or he can switch out his sticks and cord for another set-up and make hundreds of bubbles the size of grapefruit! He's always a crowd stopper...traffic too.
However, after a while I didn't see Bubble Man for a few months and thought that maybe something had happened. Maybe he got sick, or maybe some cranky local didn't like what he was doing. Bummed, I thought that the era of "Bubble Man" was at an end.
Then it happened this morning.... It was Bubble Man and he had turned up but this time his location has changed to the old Lucky/Albertson's parking lot right next to the Java Hut.
It's great to have the bubbles back in Fairfax!

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Miss Lisa said...

Dude! I'm happy for you. Who doesn't love bubbles the size of SUVs? I am officially cheered up--thank you.