Sunday, September 03, 2006

El Space Vato and the Poetry Reading

HIJOLE! Yet another rant! C’mon I have to make use of this blog thing so bare with me…I went out last night (which is almost worthy to report itself being somewhat of a shut-in) to see my dear friend poet/writer Josiah Luis Alderete as well as writer/poet Jon Longhi read at a club here in Marin. I, along with several other revelers were treated to a classic evening of reading as well as music (check out the local group Airport Sexy if you get the chance. Great hook-filled tunes).
Josiah is a great story teller and poet telling stories of junkies, saints and other urban street heroes as the unseen that plod along in life late at night through the shadows and alley ways of any city or in your mind. I would refer to Josiah as a Chicano Tom Waits, if you will but with a bit more grit. His stories are filled with imagery and references sprinkled with Calo (or Spanglish) or straight-up Spanish that are poignant as well as hilariously humor filled. I was extremely happy to hear my favorite, the tale of El Chengon dishwasher; Don Miguel! The only down side to Josiah’s work, if there is any down side to be had at all, is that his work is sadly under published.
Jon Longhi opened, if you will for Josiah with hilarious tales of his exploits with his fellow east coast transplant, a guy that goes by the name Dada Trash. The stories this night featured Jon and Dada from LSD dosed doormen to my favorite of the 10” fleshy dildo bong! Jon’s latest book; Wake Up and Smell the Beer is out now from Manic D Press as well as his others. These are excellent books you should get a hold of because, let’s face it, you can only watch so much T.V. so get out there and read fer chrissakes!

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