Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jeff Lehman Heart of Gold

I received an email this morning from my friend, Amy Bingamon informing me of the passing of Junkyard Buddha’s front man Jeff Lehman. I knew Jeff casually through my record shop that I used to own and operate. Jeff was one of those customers you were always happy to see. He had a warm approach and was easy to talk with and he was very intelligent and funny.
A couple of months ago Jeff and I were playing email tag in regarding artwork for the Buddha’s. Jeff felt that my art style and understanding of music was a perfect fit for what he (they) were looking for and I couldn’t of agreed more.
We took a week or so of phone conversations to try and work out what the Buddha’s were looking for and then it was off to the races…almost. I was having a bit of trouble tuning in my head to what I wanted my hands to produce. I also have another, outside project that has absolutely nothing to do with my art work or music, but it is a commitment I signed onto last year and I have about 9 more weeks left of (who’s counting?) and it really takes up a huge chunk of my personal as well as professional life. Jeff understood this and told me to take my time and I told him I’d have it in a couple of weeks (ironically that was this week). Jeff was kind enough and big enough to cut a brother some slack and that, my dear friends goes a lot father than any diamonds, money or gold.
Jeff will be missed and all of us other musicians get to move up one spot and feably atempt to fill a huge place that was left by Jeff. Velocidad de dios, mi hermano.

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