Thursday, September 28, 2006

Not Paranoid…Just Bummed

I’m not the most political guy to be sure, but I like to think that I am at least awake and paying a bit of attention. Here’s what’s got me wondering; why is the media focused on John Karr or Paris Hilton or steroid use in professional sports or immigration and the Mexican border, etc. and why should any of us even care about such issues? Well, for starters I live in a state were Arnold Freakin’ Schwarzenegger was elected governor. To me that speaks volumes! Here’s a guy that is an actor in Hollywood films and a piss poor actor on top of that, yet enough voting Californians felt he was the choice for governor! The Terminator for governor! The presidential elections aren’t any better I mean 26 years ago another piss-poor actor was elected, twice! Let’s face it, you don’t really get many choices for elections and even less good choices on top of that. Every election I feel like I have to choose between three piles of horrible, reeking sweat socks and I have to choose which pile smells least! Serves us right, I suppose. We, as a society on a whole don't really seem to think too deeply and part of this is probably due to living in a fast food, dot-com, commercial, plastic, dumber-than-a-bag-a-hammers society where we let things be done for us and it has me really bummed.
I really believe that the populace of the U.S. at this very moment are being hoodwinked into believing that the Jon Benet Ramsey case is truly much more important than the war in Iraq, or the unrest between Palestine and Israel or the strife in the Sudan, or jobs being shipped off to other countries, the people in Louisiana and Mississippi a year after Katrina are still in dispare, do you think for one second that Iraq had anything to do with 9/11 and that the government didn't have prior knowledge? Come on and wake up! It seems that most of the people I come in contact with lately are more bent out of shape because, “ …the fucking Oakland Raiders are so shitty this year!” Big freaking deal, man! Those millionaire athletes couldn’t care less about you, me or anyone else so why should you care so much about them?! Hey, Oakland, California is up to 114 homisides already this year! I'm much more pissed off about that than the Raiders win-loss record.
I could go on and on. The sad part is that no one would really care if I did. Besides, it seems that not many people have any ability what-so-ever to think about this because I am truly convinced we live in a society of non-thinkers. Yep. A society of dolts who couldn’t be bothered to read (and I don’t mean the news paper here people) or question and seek out the truth. We are being set up in a very Machivellian way and not many folks see it or even seem to care while the Bush Cartel are running off with the store.
We are being spoon fed fear in dogmatic ways every-single-day while at the same time being sold the latest SUV, cell phone and down loads as the rest of the planet is circling the drain. “Relax man and have a beer.” Sound paranoid? Well, maybe so but it has been said that the paranoid individual is the one with all of the facts at their disposal. Look around a bit and see what I mean. Oh, and not only will the revolution be televised but so will the end of the world…and it will probably sponsored by McDonald’s and Budweiser.

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