Tuesday, June 19, 2007

One of the greatest things about this country of ours is that every-day-folks like me have the great opportunity to vote. I vote and I take it seriously. I vote on local measures as well as bigger initiatives all the way up to voting for the presidency. However, I like my vote to count, especially when concerning the latter. Guess I’m glad I don’t live in Florida, huh? (See: 2000 election).
What is bothering me the most in these gas-price gouging, excessive consuming, Paris Hilton/American Idol worshipping uncertain times is the presidential candidates we have to choose from. Personally, there is only one candidate who is running that I am even remotely in-line with politically and that candidate doesn’t stand a chance like a bucket of fried chicken at one of my family gatherings of even getting on the ballot. Every presidential election that I have voted in (with the exception of my first time) it always seems that I have to settle. Always! It’s like having three piles of stinking, dirty socks and I have to select the one pile that stinks least.
Yeah, I know it could be worse….or is it already on its way?

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