Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wake up, Lemmings!

Our current administration has been absolute on their stance in Iraq with no withdrawal in sight as well as the impending war with Iran, still feeling confident with the original decision of invading Afghanistan and pinning most of the blame of 9/11 on Saddam and the rest on Bin Laden and if that isn’t enough telling the citizens of these rapidly becoming un-United States, as a bill to hugely increase internet streaming services is about to be passed, building of more prisons is in effect, giving more money for military spending to Isreal than any-other-countries combined, whipping up the populace with phony immigration concerns while making it almost impossible to have any practical, coherent medical insurance for the average person and basically attempt to take away any remaining rights we as citizens have in the name of “Freedom” that our economy is strong and just fine.
This tells me that one should never, EVER doubt the power of suggestion.

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