Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sometimes you just have to stand back and gape in awe of where you live. Living here in Marin County one almost always has something to be in awe of. The natural beauty of the place is a good reason. We have the bay on one side and the ocean on the other with beautiful Mt. Tam between them. We have redwoods and wild life and wonderful weather to be sure. However, I'm talking about the other things that makes one pause and ponder. This morning is a prime example.
While walking to my studio I noticed a man probably in his early thirties riding his very high-end and expensive mountain bike. He was riding in traffic wearing most of the standard, dorky looking "super-hero" garb but what caught my attention was that he was peddling with no hands because his right hand was busy holding a lit cigarette and his left hand was holding a cell phone to his ear as he barked into the phone between chugs on his cigarette.
Man, sometimes I actually like this place.

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