Monday, February 25, 2008

I ended up watching the Academy Awards last night. One of a few surprises to me was the Borne Ultimatum winning anything! That movie made me wish I took Dramamine before I watched it and it wasn’t nearly as good as the first one was.
I was also surprised and disappointed by how tame and restrained Jon Stewart was. I guess he was too worried about pleasing the Hollywood machine. He lost a couple of points from me.
I really liked the film No Country for Old Men, though I was surprised by how many awards it won. I pretty much like most if not all of the Cohen’s films. However, was it me or were the Cohen brothers just a bit too smug and ungrateful? I can understand not really digging the whole, phony Hollywood scene but if you’re going to behave as if your mom has nagged you into taking out the trash I ask; Dudes, you’re grown men, why even bother to show up?
The event on a whole was pretty boring. Still, my biggest question is; how does one “judge” something as subjective as film?
I’m just glad that Juno got a few nods.

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