Thursday, February 07, 2008

I know that I am not the most fashionable guy around. Heck, my son continually reminds me of this. I own a few nice suits and I clean up good but I’m no fashion magnet.
Well, an incident that happened to me yesterday proved my son right.
It was around 1 pm and I was working away at my studio when I figured I needed a quick break. I heated up the few pieces of chicken quesadia I brought from home (yeah, I’m hopelessly Chicano) in the microwave and then decided to eat them while I take a long walk as I do a few errands around down town.
On my way back from the computer store I was carrying a plastic bag with my small purchases in it and eating the last, little piece of quesadia while walking along a frontage road between the freeway and the old, abandoned railroad tracks. I was on my way to pick something else up and then grab a coffee to go and head back to the studio for more work. It’s a nice little 35/40 minute walk.
Suddenly, to my left a new, white Mercedes Benz slows down and comes almost to a stop as the window rolls down. I hear a familiar voice; “Hey, Jaime! Is that you?”
I turn to look to see who is calling me from such a nice ride and I recognize an old acquaintance, Dave who was a customer of mine when I once owned a record store.
“Hey, Dave! Nice car, bro!” I answer back.
“You need a ride?” was Dave’s semi-concerned response.
“Naw, I’m just out running a couple of errands. Thanks anyway.”
“Are you doing okay?” Dave says a bit more seriously than before.
“What? I…huh?” was about all I could muster when it finally dawned on me what Dave was getting at. Dave thought I was homeless.
“What the fuck, Dave? I fine, bro. I’m just out enjoying the nice weather we’re having.”
Dave looked really embarrassed as we exchanged a few more pleasantries and before you knew it we were both on our separate ways.
As I was done with the errands and returning to my studio I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a store window. There I was with my full salt & pepper beard, glasses with dark ski cap, beater pants and beat-to-shit Converse and an old, dingy zip-up hoodie sucking on my coffee and carrying a white, plastic bag. All I needed was a shopping cart full of belongings. I laughed out loud upon seeing myself.
Man, no wonder my kid shakes his head at me sometimes.

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