Friday, February 08, 2008

I had less than an hour to kill last night and I wasted that time watching TV. After I just wrote about how the writers strike is probably a good thing, less TV, blah, blah and I'm here writing about a lame-ass TV show.
Anyway, you wanna know what I wasted 40 minutes of my life on? A game show about being smarter than a grade school kid. If you haven't seen it, good! If you have seen it, do you feel as amazed by its stupidity as I do? Man, the questions were INCREDIBLY easy as they are for a bunch of grade school kids and, in this case one arrogant, ditsy blond who kept yammering on about every thought that bounced into her amply hollow head.
It seemed that every question that the host would ask the blond would boast on how she's really good at that subject and how she aced that course in college (must of been Whopper college)...and oh, the host is one of those "We're Rednecks" comedians from Comedy Central, Jeff Foxworthy; nice career move, Jeff. As if I didn't think you were funny in the first place, apparently you're not very bright either.

Now, I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I answered every-single-question correctly almost before good 'ol boy Foxworthy was done reciting them from his index card. I was like Kevin Bacon from the film, Diner when he was answering the questions for a game show he was watching.

The final question for a million bucks, no less was; "Who was the first pilot to break the sound barrier?" Geez-Louise! THAT was the million dollar question? What the hell!? How stupid have we become??? Why not ask, "Is the world round?"
I sat there bored, finger on the remote ready to change the channel when I mumbled, "Chuck Fucking Yeager. Everyone knows that."
Well, apparently not everyone knows that.
To my astonishment the blond begins to roll her eyes sky-ward and begins to tell everyone how her favorite museum is the Smithsonian Aerospace museum in D.C. and then she rattles off some pseudo list of great aviators out loud starting with the Wright brothers! The fucking Write brothers!!! C'mon, sweetheart we're talking the sound barrier here not the Flintstones for Christ sakes!
After she recites Charles Lindberg and Amelia Earhart she then says..."Hmm...Howard Hughes was the Spruce I think it was Howard Hughes.

I could of won a million dollars last night but I really don't want to meet Jeff Foxworthy.

By the way...R.I.P. In The Nite Press (1994-2007)
My new "self-publishing" aegis is now; EL COMEX PRESS.

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