Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve canceled my internet service at my studio. It was getting pretty frustrating paying what I did for the service only to have my 5+ year old crappy computer arbitrarily knock me off-line several times a day. The final blow was when my neighbor from across the hall had an AT&T repair guy come out to find out why his service went off-line (it was due to the storms we were having, btw) only to have his internet service restored but the moron repair guy disconnected mine and then left. You know how long it takes to get them to come back, right? So canceling it was the next logical step.
Now I do all of my emails and such from home. However, having a house full of teenagers often makes it difficult to gain access to the sole computer.
Speaking of teenagers, the other night my son was asking me why I even bother to blog since he’s had to listen to me go on and on about what a waste of time they are and how no one reads it anyway.
I laughed and had to agree with him that they are a waste of time and NO ONE EVER reads mine anyway. He then asked, “Why do it?”
My answer was that my blog serves as an electronic post-it, so to speak to give me a bit of insight into what useless crap I was preoccupied with at such-and-such time, etc. Basically, it’s just for me to look back upon months from now and think; “What the hell was that all about?”
I guess I can read what I posted on here years from now and I’ll see my face saying, “Get your ass to Mars.”

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crow_soup said...

see that's entirely not true, I read it and I know for a fact that I'm somebody...I'm not sure anyone reads my comments though.