Sunday, January 27, 2008

You’d think that I would get tired of being wrong all of the time and, well… you’d be right. So, someone actually reads my blog and I humbly stand corrected. I know of two friends who read this here blog, Yoli and Corbett and I thank them and stand corrected.

Other stuff…my studio is leaking more than ever as I now have two (2) leaks and it is impeding my progress with inking in my X-Ray magazine “Bagazine” project as well as inking in stories for the up-coming first issue of Torilla. I’m just going to have to deal with it and not whine. Things could always be worse and they have been before.

I was at the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum again yesterday. Man, I really like what they have done and no matter what great exhibit they have going I always, ALWAYS head right for the George Harriman “Krazy Kat” strip first. I love his work so much I seem to never get tired of looking at it.
San Francisco, on the other hand has changed so much and so quickly in the past 15 years that it truly saddens me. The (aka Dot.bomb) movement really decimated the place. I have lived in San Francisco, off-and-on pretty much my whole life and as I know that things change constantly I can’t seem to hang with this one.

Otherwise, I can’t wait for the rain to stop for a while and get back on my bicycle to ride to work and other places. To get back in the water and I can’t wait for the baseball season to start and for me to shut up now.

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crow_soup said... ain't lying...I've been hanging on by my fingernails for 15 years and I have to say, that while I still love me some San Franfreakshow, it does at times, blow my mind just how much has changed...what has come and gone, what is and will never's an interesting place to watch history pass. Not always pleasant, but survival rarely is I suppose.