Thursday, January 10, 2008

Things are finally clicking here again at the studio and I am flying along with my latest micro-comic book, Sueno Loco for the next Bagazine project. Speaking of Bagazine and the X-Ray Book Co. It is with the deepest and most sincere condolences I send along to Johnny and Giselle Brewton regarding the passing of Johnny’s dad this past December 3rd.

I’m still writing up new Slice O’ life strips and will hopefully have close to 10 of them completed by February. That’s written, roughed, edited, penciled, edited a bit more and then inked and then cleaned up, folks. A lot goes into just 1 strip so you can imagine the time it takes to do 10!

Also, a big thank you goes out to Gretchen Giles and her crew at the North Bay Bohemian up north in Santa Rosa, California for a wonderful Holiday party. A good time was had by all.

My studio leak still hasn’t been fixed as of this writing and the landlord was here from France yesterday and said when the weather clears it will get fixed. However, he is also in the middle of a deal to sell the building. This would make the 3rd landlord in just over 2 years here.

I have been contacted by Drew of Heebie Geebies/Boomerang gallery up in Petaluma, California for an art show this coming April. It’s all loose-ends right now but check back and I’ll keep you posted.
Also in April I will be part of a big poetry reading in San Francisco through the Galleria Posada in the Mission District. It is being put together by master writer, poet and luchador Norman Zelaya. I’ll be drawing up the flyers/posters as well as reading (!) poetry. Once again, stay tuned and I’ll let you all know when and where.

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crow_soup said...

hey Jaime, glad to see you're back to blogging a bit...please do keep the updates coming along...