Monday, January 07, 2008

Well, happy New Year first of all. Another year has rolled around and lo-and-behold I’m still here! Never ceases to amaze me. I’m working on putting half of my studio back together since I’ve had a huge leak in the ceiling here in my ghetto-building studio. I suppose I should count my blessings as with the recent biblical down pours here in the Bay Area that was the least that could go wrong.
I’m still working on the new & (hopefully) improved Slice O’ Life strips and having a bit of a tough time since they are going to be shorter. No worries though, it’ll all work out. What with this leak it did slow my progress a touch with the limited run, micro-comic book I’m making for Johnny Brewton’s ( Bagazine. Geez, I hope I’m not too late.
Music has been a little slow lately….aw, hell who am I fooling? It’s been pretty much dead-in-the-water for me. The Winos are on hold because of a sizable amount of bad luck that has befallen our bass player. We’ve played about 3 times in almost 8 months by my count. I had to quit the blues band up North for a few reasons but the main reason was that the rehearsals were being moved even father North and I just couldn’t do the commute. Then the casual cover band I’ve been playing bass in for just over 3 years has to keep canceling gigs because members are over booked in their personal lives that it’s getting more and more difficult to make paying gigs. After all of that I have lost all the calluses on my fingers for the second time in my nearly 30 years of playing stringed instruments (I started on another, non-stringed instrument at 7 years old which I played through high school and puts me into playing music for 40 years! GAD!) and what’s even sadder/lamer is I don’t really seem to care. I seem to only play my ipod these days. Someday I’ll dig some of my instruments out of where-ever they are and start playing again. Maybe that will be my plan for 2009. We’ll see.
Enough of my whining…everything otherwise is great. The family is good and my back seems to be…well, back! (ha ha).
I’ll try to write more soon for anyone out there that even keeps up on my lame-ass blog.

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